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Getting Doug with High | Thursday April 20 @ 8:00p PST

Doug Benson is back with another episode of Getting Doug with High, with guests Felipe Esparza, Taylor Rizzo, Esther Ku, Jacob Sirof, and Josh the private citizen.
Note: The audio for the first 35 minutes only comes through in one ear - we're trying to fix it!

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How to Wear Security Earpieces


Radio earpieces look really cool. They are generally used for surveillance but some enthusiasts also wear them just for fun. Secret agents and spies in the movies have made these accessories really cool to wear.

Putting on a radio earpiece is not a tough job. To put on an earpiece, first of all you need to take that earpiece and microphone clip in your hand. The microphone is to be put where you are most comfortable with it. It can be put on your hands, specifically on your wrist. You must have seen Spies or Secret Service agents in movies lifting their wrists talk. This is where they are speaking into the mouthpiece on their wrists.

If you're not comfortable with the mouthpiece on the wrist, you can also put it on the tie or on the shirt, on your chest. Once you have clipped on the mouthpiece, it is time to put on the radio. Take the wire dangling from the mouthpiece and put it inside your shirt. Take this wire out from the top of the shirt. This way the dangling wires will be completely hidden. Take the earpiece and put it on your ears. Make sure, that it fits neatly and would not fall off when you start to walk. You can put it on either ear. If you are wearing the mouthpiece on the wrist, you will find it comfortable to put the earpiece on the same side ear.

Once you are comfortable with the mouthpiece and the earpiece, it is the turn of the end that goes into the radio. Take this dangling wire connecting that end with earpiece and mouthpiece and put it inside your shirt. Take out the wire from the bottom of the shirt. Put it in the radio and clip the radio in its place on your pants. Once you have that these wires inside your shirt completely, you need to tuck in your shirt inside your pants so that none of the wires are visible.

Once everything is fixed, switch on the said radio and test the settings. If everything is working as it should be then you have put on the radio earpiece correctly.

Wait, you are not done yet!

Once you have tucked in your shirt inside your pants and put on your jacket, you need to test the comfort level of this piece by walking around a few paces up and down. If you're comfortable with the earpiece and the mouthpiece and are able to talk on radio, then you are set for the job. If any of the wires are the earpiece or the mouthpiece is making you uncomfortable, you need to reset your wires.

The real advantage of a concealed earpiece is that others would not notice when you are talking on a reflected earpiece. If you're uncomfortable wearing these or with the wires, you lose the advantage of a hidden radio earpiece. Therefore it is very important to check the complete settings by walking around.

Congratulations, you have successfully put on a radio earpiece. Now, enjoy talking like a secret service agent.


Source by John Herlosky

How To Master A Hypnotic Sales Pitch Using AIDA Marketing


Most people see the world as they wish it was or they think it should be. So they find themselves upset at the way things are going because ending results are hardly in their favor. They're confused and constantly at odds with the way things are going. But not a salesman. A salesman sees the world for what it is. He isn't trying to change people's behavior; he is trying to understand people's behavior. And this understanding makes it that much easier to master a hypnotic sales pitch. To be frank, it isn't hard; you just have to be more conscious than the average person out there.

You don't have to be a natural-born salesman to be successful, nor do you have to be an expert or mind-reader to formulate a hypnotic sales pitch. Salesmen are not born. Good and even great salesmen are made by simply understanding basic salesmanship, and adding some experience to their jacket. It's a learned behavior. But you must learn the basics first. It's called A.I.D.A. Marketing. There are no shortcuts to that.

The basics of salesmanship haven't changed since the pre-web days, and it never will because it involves social conversation that old school salesmen perfected many years ago. Rather it's over the phone, in person on a one-on-one basis, a group setting, YouTube video, newsletter, or Skype, the fundamentals are the same both online and offline.

The real secret to selling is to convince people that what you have to offer is of value to them; life changing even. Get them excited enough to take action right away. That's what separates salesmen from sales boys. It doesn't matter if your offer is on a small-scale or a very large one, you have to convince your prospect that your product, service, and/or information will make their life so much easier or better. Rather your prospect is in need of a new drill or a healthy lung, your conversation's goal is to establish that you have the solution to their problem. A hypnotic sales pitch is to establish that you're the person that he wants to deal with. Add that to your friendly attitude and you will certainly close the deal!

I'm not sure of the identity of the original author of A.I.D.A, but it's a model that my grandpa introduced me to many years ago.

A=Attention: You must get their attention right out of the gate. Be specific. Narrow it down to a niche. Ex: Title, headline, hook, etc.

I=Interest: You have to build interest immediately enough for them to halt what they're doing. You want their undivided attention. Your presentation should be short, sizzling, and informative.

D=Desire: After successfully completing the two, a desire surfaces as you tell them more about the benefits and what they have to gain by simply trying your offer.

A=Action: This is when you assertively urge your prospect to take action. Always be closing!

I grew up hearing my grandpa use that term, "Always be closing," each time he became victorious at whatever undertaking he decided to take on. Rather it was him catching the garbage truck before it turned the corner, or after one of his brief yet important calls that he took in his home office, it didn't matter, he would always recite that phrase along with the A.I.D.A. acronym. Afterwards a smile would grace his face and it was the perfect time to ask for a lemon cookie. Luckily for me, grandpa hardly ever shut the office door completely, which allowed for lots of eavesdropping and lemon cookies.

I enjoyed spying on grandpa because he told such incredible stories over the phone to people that he called "clients." I would never forget I couldn't have been any older than 7 years, when one morning after breakfast I stood at the back-slit of his office door, peeking over the middle hinge just to get a glimpse of him. I watched as he sat comfortably behind his desk, weaving another one of his stories to a client over the telephone. His hypnotic sales pitch was a story about a carpenter that lived in North Dakota. Looking back at it, it was as if he had the attention of a filled room; quite the opposite of holding the attention of only one faceless person over the phone. His posture, knowledge, and friendly mannerism were all admirable. The recipient of grandpa's story must've agreed, as he was happily persuaded to accept grandpa's offer before the conclusion of their call. From where I stood, I secretly whispered the acronym as the letters rolled off grandpa's tongue, "A.I.D.A."

Later that evening while grandpa sat in his favorite lounging chair, reading a fat book that I recognized from his office desk, I nestled beside him and said, "Grandpa, granny said that you help families by selling them insurance."

He peered over his reading glasses that sat at the tip of his nose and said, "And as always, your granny is right. I am an Insurance Broker."

I smiled, and with broken English I announced, "I want to be an Insurance Broker too, grandpa! Do they all tell fun stories like you do?"

"Well, the good ones do." Grandpa placed his fat book on the coffee table, along with his reading glasses. He patted his thigh and motioned for me to claim my favorite sitting spot. With the biggest smile, I sat sidewise on his lap and he begins to tell a story. "Storytelling has been around since the beginning of time. Before writing was invented, people communicated by telling stories. But your story has to be compelling. A leader engages people's future and captures their hearts through storytelling," he said and continued, "when the time is right, you will recall this conversation. But for now, all I want you to do is remember these four letters," and we said it together, "A.I.D.A."

You see, mastering the art of storytelling is the same as mastering your hypnotic sales pitch. Stories are illustrative, easily memorable and allow any salesman to create stronger emotional bonds with their customers. Why? Because humans LOVE stories! Our brains are actually wired for listening to stories. We all have stories within us; just as we all have an inner salesman that we bring out when we need to be persuasive. In other words, don't sell, tell great stories!

I say this in all sincerity and all urgency, get the basics down first. It's not tough at all. It's not voodoo nor is it magic. It is easy but you're probably not going to figure it out on your own.


Source by Rumont TeKay

Male Actors age 25-40 yrs For English Theater plays Location : Delhi (NCR) Mo...

Male Actors age 25-40 yrs For English Theater plays

Location : Delhi (NCR)

More Details Click on


Bulldozers Trivia: 5 Interesting Facts That You Need To Know


Bulldozers are tractor-like heavy-duty vehicles that are attached with a wide blade system on the front and an optional ripper at the back. They are mainly used for fine grading, ground leveling, and shoving of large soil or snow piles. Bulldozers are widely used in many industrial applications, such as in landfills, construction, quarrying, and mining.

The blade and ripper are basically the main functional attachments of bulldozers. The ripper is used to loosen the soil and break down rocks embedded in the ground. A bulldozer blade, however, make use of three types of blades - S-blade, U-blade, and S-U blade - for fine grading, carrying and pushing large earth piles.

When it comes to bulldozer vehicles, the Caterpillar Company is undeniably one of the best manufacturers on the market. This company is highly respected for producing top-of-the-line bulldozers that feature great maneuverability, versatility, ergonomic designs, and powerful net horsepower. They have about 300 machines under their belt that includes their caterpillar crawler loader, caterpillar loader wheel, and caterpillar track loader. Up until now, the caterpillar d9 bulldozer is still their most famous model.

Have you ever heard of the Oswalt bulldozer? No, it's not another brand for a bulldozer. It's actually the term used to refer to the Caterpillar D6N XL bulldozer that Roy Oswalt of the Houston Astros received when their team won over the St. Louis Cardinals. As promised, he received this $200,000 bulldozer as his victory prize.

Lo Chiamavano Bulldozer (They Called Him Bulldozer) doesn't involve any actual bulldozer in the movie. It's actually an Italian movie about a former football athlete who lost his job and end up taking the role of coach for a group of street people in order to help them win against the local army base. With his large and brawny appearance, it's no wonder he's compared to a bulldozer.

June 4, 2004 sparks an unpleasant memory for the people of Granby, Colorado. The Granby Colorado bulldozer, which is a Komatsu D335A, was used by Marvin John Heemeyer, who was mad over a zoning dispute, to destroy every structure in Granby. Fortunately, there were no reported casualties. Clearly, a bulldozer can be a weapon of mass destruction when it falls under the wrong hands.

You might be wondering what the world's largest bulldozer is. For most people, they consider the Komatsu D575A-3SD as the biggest bulldozer ever built. It measures 24 ft. wide, 41 ft. long and 16 ft. tall. Its bulldozer blade, which measures around 90 cubic yard, is tremendously huge and is powerful enough to push 480,000 pounds of earth pile.

There are different ways to acquire a bulldozer for your company or even for your own personal use. You can buy either a new or used unit, or you could also choose to rent. Before you buy one, it's important that you determine your company's paying capabilities and find a reputable dealer. Before choosing any brand of bulldozers, be sure that the parts and service repair are accessible.


Source by Fay Salmons

Overwatch: How to ATTACK Hanamura 1ST Point

In this Overwatch Hanamura map guide we break down the best ways to get through this choke in different contexts as well as the best heroes to help you achieve this! Let us know what you think and be sure to drop a Like & Subscribe if this helped!
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Rocket Stove Project (How to Cook with Twigs)

Putting together a simple rocket stove using steel and a stick welder to cook with fallen twigs. I was to eager to start cooking before attaching the legs to the stove :)


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How to Avoid Cultural Appropriation at Coachella | Pop Feminist

Bindis, feathered headpieces, dashikis, war paint: Coachella street style is mired in cultural appropriation.

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How to Avoid Cultural Appropriation at Coachella | Pop Feminist

Starring: Josephine Shokrian Studio, Mackenzie-Childs, Kartell, and Hot Sugar


Zelda Talk - Breath of the Wild Soundtrack and Voice Acting


Brandon Jones and Daniel Bloodworth join Damiani to discuss how they feel about Breath of the Wild's unique soundtrack and use of voice work.

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audition tips for Beginner Actors and actress


Rkz theatre presents audition tips for Beginner Actors and actress video & famous Director Raj Kumar Hirani. how you can become a better actor other actors. funny and entertaining videos.

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Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life (Official Audio) ft. The Weeknd

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Yoru acting as the old You | Funny Moment


One of the cute/funny moments of Tsukiuta. The Animation (ツキウタ。 THE ANIMATION) Episode 9 with english subs.

I like how close Yoru and You are, they are so cutee.

If you didn't know this already, Nagatsuki Yoru is the guy with blue gentle eyes and dark grey-ish hair. Hazuki You is the redhead :)

Anime: Tsukiuta. The Animation (ツキウタ。 THE ANIMATION)
Group: Procellarum

Nagatsuki Yoru is voiced by Kondou Takashi.
Hazuki You is voiced by Kakihara Tetsuya.

Btw, the anime is something like Marginal #4! If you enjoyed that you might enjoy Tsukiuta as well! :)

Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.
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5 Essential Songs to Learn on the Piano


You want to learn a new song on the Piano but your stuck. You can't think of a song you want to learn. I've put together a list of 5 essential songs on the piano that all players should learn at some point. So if you're stuck for something to learn why not consider one of these.

I've chosen three songs for beginners and two for more intermediate players so players of all skill levels can find something here.

Hey Jude

Most of us have heard this classic Beatles song. Opening with straight forward piano chords it's one of the best pop songs ever written on the instrument. While the song may sound complex it's really not that difficult for beginners who know a few songs already to pick up. Once you know the chords figuring out the pattern isn't that tough.

Don't Stop Believing

Some people view this song as cheesy, personally I like it. This pop stadium rock song was probably the band Journey's biggest hit. It's been covered by many bands, including the hit TV show Glee and also used as the outro for the final episode of the HBO TV series, The Soprano's. The intro is great fun to play and if you can carry a tune while you're playing piano this is a fun one to sing as well.

November Rain

Probably not an easy song for beginners to learn but Guns N Roses November Rain was and still is a huge hit for the band and main piano player Axl Rose. It's a beautiful piano part during the verses and it continues through out the song. You can find versions of this song to play it in a stripped down piano only version online.

Let it Be

Another great Beatles tune, Let it Be is a staple for all beginners. Like Hey Jude this song may sound more difficult to play then it actually is. The chords are pretty straight forward and there aren't too many difficult parts beyond that. You can find the basic piano chords online and then listen to the song a couple of times to pick the progression out by ear.

Bohemian Rhapsody

When you think of this song you might not think of it as a piano tune, how ever watch a live performance of this song and you'll see Eddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, playing the piano through a good portion of the song. There are versions online you can find which create some simple piano parts to play during the more complex electric guitar parts of the song.

This is another great song to sing and play if you are able to do it.


Source by Debbie Baker

GTA 5 HAPPY 420!! IMPOSSIBLE RACES 2 - GTA 5 Funny Moments & FAILS


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How to Break Cryptography | Infinite Series

Only 4 steps stand between you and the secrets hidden behind RSA cryptography. Find out how to crack the world’s most commonly used form of encryption.

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Can We Combine pi & e into a Rational Number?

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Euler's Big Idea: (I can find a non-wiki article, but I don't actually use this in the video. It's just where to learn more about the relevant math Euler did.)

Written and Hosted by Kelsey Houston-Edwards
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Joel David Hamkins



How To Walk Dogs

Cavs vs Pacers NBA LIVE STREAM
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Live Stream Online
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Live Stream
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Live
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers
Cavaliers vs Pacers Live Stream
Cavaliers vs Pacers Live
Cavaliers vs Pacers
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Live Stream Online
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Live Stream
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Live
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers
Cavaliers vs Pacers Live Stream
Cavaliers vs Pacers Live
Cavaliers vs Pacers
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Live Stream Online
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Live Stream
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers Live
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers
Cavaliers vs Pacers Live Stream
Cavaliers vs Pacers Live
Cavaliers vs Pacers



HOW TO FLY TO THE MOON! (Happy Room) If you enjoyed this video check out gaming videos here:

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